", "Don't Be Shy", "Wild World", and "Peace Train". [34] He also established the record label called Mountain of Light Productions, which donates a percentage of its proceeds to Islam's Small Kindness charity. Listen to I Love My Dog by Cat Stevens, 45,469 Shazams, featuring on ’60s Hits Essentials, and Yusuf / Cat Stevens Essentials Apple Music playlists. [42], Yusuf actively promoted this album, appearing on radio and television and in print interviews. Watch the video for I Love My Dog from Cat Stevens's The Very Best Of Cat Stevens for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. [15], Two years later, in December 2006, Yusuf Islam was admitted without incident into the United States for several radio concert performances and interviews to promote his new record.[30][31]. Cat Stevens - I Love My Dog Lyrics. And the reason he is expressing such a sentiment is because he receives unconditional love from his pet. Starting in 2006, the Cat Stevens song "Tea for The Tillerman" was used as the theme tune for the Ricky Gervais BBC-HBO sitcom Extras. The deportation provoked a small international controversy and led British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to complain personally to Secretary of State Colin Powell at the United Nations. 2:18. "[9], 『ティーザー・アンド・ファイアーキャット』が発売された年に、彼はいくつかの楽曲を映画『ハロルドとモード 少年は虹を渡る』のサウンドトラックに提供した。それらの作品は後年にベスト盤がリリースされるまで、彼の他のどのレコードでも聴けなかったものである。映画は長年に渡ってカルト的な人気を誇っており、スティーヴンスが音楽活動を休止していた期間にも彼の音楽の魅力を広く大衆に知らしめるきっかけの作品となった。, 1972年に発売されたスティーヴンスの次のアルバム『キャッチ・ブル・アット・フォー』は、彼にとって最も短期間のうちにアメリカ合衆国で成功を収めた作品である。アルバムはわずか15日でゴールド・ディスクに達し、「ビルボード」の首位を3週間にわたって保持した。内省的でスピリチュアルな歌詞は前二作を踏襲しつつも、歌唱やサウンドの面では以前よりエッジの効いた作風がこのアルバムの特徴となっている。「スウィート・スカーレット」はカーリー・サイモンが彼について書いた2曲の作品に対するアンサー・ソングである。この作品からは「人生はさすらい」がシングル・カットされ、HOT100で16位まで上昇した。発売から29年後の2001年に、アルバム『キャッチ・ブル・アット・フォー』は全米でプラチナ・ディスクに認定された。, 1970年代に発売された一連の彼のレコードは、いずれもチャート上での安定した成績を収めた。彼がキャット・スティーヴンス名義で発表した最後のアルバムとなったのは、1978年暮れの『バック・トゥ・アース』である。彼が現役として活動していた時期から現在までに、数枚のベスト盤が発売されている。最も商業的に成功したのは1975年に発売された『グレイテスト・ヒッツ』で、このアルバムはアメリカ合衆国だけで400万枚以上のセールスを記録した。2003年5月には『Remember Cat Stevens』と題されたベスト盤の欧州各国での総売上が100万枚を突破したことにより、 彼は国際レコード産業連盟によって表彰されるプラチナム・ヨーロッパ・アウォードの一人目の受賞者となった[10]。, 1977年に発売されたイギリスの歌手エルキー・ブルックスとのデュエット「想い出のスクールヤード」は、スティーヴンスが最後にチャートに送りこんだヒット曲である。ちなみに、この曲が発売された際、ブルックスの名はふせられていた[11]。, 彼のキャット・スティーヴンス名義での実質的な最後のライヴとなったのは、1979年11月22日にウェンブリー・スタジアムで開かれたユニセフによる慈善目的のザ・イヤー・オブ・ザ・チャイルド・コンサートであった。. All he asks from me is the food .. Keating's former group, Boyzone, had a hit with the song a decade earlier. There are clips of him singing in the studio when he was recording An Other Cup as well as a few 2006 excerpts of him on guitar singing a few verses of Cat Stevens songs including "The Wind" and "On the Road to Find Out".[38]. The ceremony was attended by esteemed personalities including Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and guitarist Brian May. He produced a children's album in 2000 called A Is for Allah after realizing there were few materials designed to educate children about Islam. Retrieved from. While the plane was in flight, the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System flagged his name as being on a no-fly list. It's kind of a hypnotic state that you reach after a while when you keep on playing it where words just evolve from it. In the late 1990s, he was featured as a guest singer of "God Is the Light" on an album by the Nasheed group, Raihan. . [20] Subsequent comments of his in 1989 were also seen as support of the fatwa. A Christmas-season television commercial for gift-giving by the diamond industry aired in 2006 with Cat Power's cover of "How Can I Tell You". Stevens later acknowledged that he had essentially written the lyrics to the music of American jazz multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef's "The Plum Blossom", from his 1961 Eastern Sounds. If that backhanded compliment didn't connect, he digs a deeper hole with the line, "You may fade, my dog will always come through." Cat Stevens - I Love My Dog (tradução) (Letra e música para ouvir) - I love my dog as much as I love you / But you may fade, my dog will always come through / All he asks from me is the food to give him strength / All he ever He received the award "as a result of the work he has done to increase peace in the world". Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog Lyrics from album: Matthew & Son (1967) I love my dog as much as I love you But you may fade, my … Stevens described the event in a VH1 interview some years later: "I suddenly held myself and I said, 'Oh God! That name is part of my history and a lot of the things I dreamt about as Cat Stevens have come true as Yusuf Islam. This documentary film features rare audio and video clips from the late 1960s and 1970s, as well as an extensive interview with Yusuf Islam, his brother, several record executives, Bob Geldof, Dolly Parton, and others outlining his career as Cat Stevens, his conversion and emergence as Yusuf Islam, and his return to music in 2006. It's more intimate, and to me that's the message of this record. [15][16] (Yusuf is the Arabic version of the name Joseph.). The United States Transportation Security Administration claimed there were "concerns of ties he may have to potential terrorist-related activities." This was Cat Stevens' debut single, and peaked at #28 in the UK charts back in 1966. The following day, Yusuf Islam was deported back to the United Kingdom. I love my dog as much as I love you. [41], In March 2006, Yusuf Islam finished recording his first all-new pop album since 1978. Stevens later acknowledged that he had essentially written the lyrics to the music of American jazz multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef's "The Plum … ", "Ruins", and "Wild World". Accompanying Yusuf on guitar was Alun Davies, who played guitar on many of his Cat Stevens records. Cat Stevens - I Love My Dog (Letra e música para ouvir) - I love my dog as much as I love you / But you may fade, my dog will always come through / All he asks from me is the food to give him strength / All he ever I relied on heresy (sic)[35], that was perhaps my mistake."[34]. But you may fade, my dog will always come through. He estimated in January 2007 that he continues to earn approximately $1.5 million a year from his Cat Stevens music. . キャット・スティーヴンス(英語: Cat Stevens )とは、イギリスのミュージシャン、ユスフ・イスラム( Yusuf Islam 、1948年 7月21日 – )のかつての芸名 [1]。彼はロンドン出身のシンガー・ソングライター、教育家、慈善活動家であり、イスラム教への改宗者としても知られている。 Really, it was so fantastic. Proceeds of the single went to help orphans in Banda Aceh, one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami, through Islam's Small Kindness charity. All the pay I need comes shining through his eyes ), In May 2006, in anticipation of his forthcoming new pop album, the BBC1 programme "Imagine" aired a 49-minute documentary with Alan Yentob called Yusuf: The Artist formerly Known as Cat Stevens. On 10 July 2007, Yusuf Islam was awarded an honorary doctorate (LLD) by the University of Exeter, in recognition of "his humanitarian work and improving understanding between Islamic and western cultures"[55]. Song and the use of musical instruments is an area of debate in Muslim jurisprudence, considered harām by some, and this is the primary reason he gave for retreating from the pop spotlight. Cat Stevens I Love My Dog (7", Single) Deram 45 DEM 7501 US Unknown Sell This Version Recommendations Reviews Add Review Psychedelic-Cave February 14, 2016 Report A UK pressing with a Dutch picture sleeve. Cat Stevens’ “I Love My Dog” is premised on the idea of the singer ‘loving his dog’ just as much as the person he is singing to. In December 2006, Yusuf was one of the artists that performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway, in honour of the prize winners, Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank. [32], Yusuf Islam wrote about the experience in a newspaper article titled "A Cat in a Wild World".[33]. Cat Stevens - I love my dog as much as I love you But you may fade, my… // Yo amo a mi perro tanto como te amo a ti Tú puedes desaparecer,… On 1 October 2004 Yusuf Islam requested the removal of his name, "I remain bewildered by the decision of the US authorities to refuse me entry to the United States. [46][47], On 10 November 2004, Yusuf Islam was presented with a Man for Peace award by the private foundation of former USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev, for his 'dedication to promote peace, the reconciliation of people and to condemn terrorism'; the ceremony was held in Rome, Italy and attended by five Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Na, na, na... © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In the final scene most of the characters sung several of the lyrics with the character of Sid singing the majority of the song. In this song, Cat Stevens tells the lady in his life that he loves his dog as much as he loves her. [52], On 25 March 2007, he received the German ECHO "special award for life achievements as musician and ambassador between cultures" in Berlin[53].